The views represented on this website are my own.  They do not represent anyone else.  Most of this is my opinion – if you don’t agree with me please feel free to say so in the comments.

I am a heavy reader and speak to a lot of people so cannot always attribute from where I got the information – so if any of my figures are wrong or you feel I have directly copied your ideas please let me know or attribute yourself in the comments.  Hopefully, I haven’t plagiarised but if I have please allow me to correct.

You are free to use any of my ideas/content (an attribution would be nice).

Please do not use swear words or other inappropriate language in the comments as it will be taken out – this website needs to be readable by everyone.

The core aim of this site is to inspire the readers who follow my blog so as to make a positive change in the world by ‘unleashing the greatness’ within each and every one of YOU!

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