“If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result.” ― Idowu Koyenikan
In the past few years, I have encountered several young men and women with unreasonable and unrealistic expectations in life.
There appears to be some level of impatience in several young men and women. They want to reach the top fast. They want success now, not later……
There is something wrong somewhere.
The other day, I participated in buying a Motorcycle to a relative. We were concerned that he was being misused by paying 300 Bob per day to the owner, and reasoned that it would be better if he had his owner bike. We chanced upon a second hand Motorcycle that was used by a company, paid for it, and went for repairs. When we called him to come pick it up. He rejected it. He said that the number plate was old and he wanted something new like the one he was riding.
He wondered why we were driving new cars and wanted to gift him kitu Mzee ime oza.
He walked off in a huff, leaving us astounded.
We thought we were helping, kumbe….. There was an attitude problem.
Two years ago a friend of mine asked whether there was a vacancy in order to help her sister who had tarmaced for five years. We were just opening up a new Branch opposite Yaya Center, and all positions were filled, apart from that of a receptionist. With a pay of 20k, I thought it was a good opening for the graduate relative to my friend.
When she came she bluntly told us “Mimi ni graduate, siwezi fanya kazi kama hiyo”, she said in an accent that she didn’t come far from a certain big Lake. She had just a degree, no post graduate certification, nothing. That is when we did a full interview after advertising in the Papers.
I have given the testimony of the lady from Karatina who got the job, she had a Masters in Finance, a BCom and a full CPA(K).
The Karatina Lady saw this as an opportunity to bridge a gap. She served as a Receptionist just for nine months before settling on a Job in the finance department in a multinational. She used the receptionist job to sell herself better and meet potential employers in person. We knew that she would not last, but were touched by her Humility.
These, and many more incidences bring me to the my Thought for today….. Something called Process.
Many people just see the end product. They have no idea what you went through to become what you are.
Many see people driving big cars, but have no idea what you went through to buy it.
Many people see fellows living in mansions they have no idea what went into the building.
That is why many young people believe fake stories about Illuminati and Freemasonry.
Two of the founding directors of Health TV are leading Neurosurgeons in Germany and United States respectively. They are extremely successful. But if you listen to their stories about how they survived early in their lives in Europe, you will be shocked. They had to become Taxi Drivers in order to make ends meet. They had to contend with open racism and bias as young Doctors.
Same story to many people with relatives in Diaspora. You get someone wearing oversize American clothes, using IPhone sijui what, driving the latest model of BMW…. All sent by relatives in the Diaspora, who work like 18 hours a day in order to send such luxuries home to their parents.
I have met some fellows who want to write, but they want to be like Kwendo Opanga on day 1.
Many young people simply lack the ability to to see through the process. They are used to finding things done for them.
This is why I always tell people to appreciate the value of hard times.
I believe everyone has to go through some extreme hard times in order to remove kaujinga kana kuwanga kwa kichwa.
Without going through tough times, you will never grow up to appreciate the value of the process. You will still be throwing tuntrams at 30 years.
This is one area I see Indian families beat African Families. They ensure that their children are involved in the process and appreciate the value of every shilling.
Africans pamper their children, and teach them how to consume, instead of the process to create.
My plea to parents :ensure that your children are fully grown up by teaching them the process…..
Have a year full of Process….. Not just the end product.

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