My 2’cents


2 cents

find your passion

make it count

discover your skills and nature your talents

try, then try harder , then do it again and again

travel and discover

take risks by leaping then learning to fly on your way down

develop fortitude

indulge with nature

listen to your inner voice

don’t give up your inner dream

read aloud then talk to yourself on the mirror

find yourself, be your self

hold her heart more tenderly than yours

scrutinize yourself

live in the Now, be present, be mindful

ask and allow to be asked

you have the blue blood, behave like royalty

don’t think too much

be a role model

choose the road less travelled, then make your own trail

respect everyone

be uncomfortable with mediocrity

grow a pair

take calculated risks

falter and get back up

journal, blog and if you can write a book

remember no one gets out of this world alive