Tree Lessons In Entrepreneurship From the Chinese Bamboo Tree


The Chinese bamboo tree has to be watered and fertilized everyday for 5 years and hardly grows in its first 5 years of its existence.  If in those 5 years the tree is not watered or fertilized it will die in the ground.  In the 5th year though it grows 90 feet in just 6 weeks.

The question is that does it grow 90 feet in 5 years or 6 weeks?  The answer of course is 5 years.  Thats how long it took to grow it.  To build the foundation. To get the people.  To build the network.  To learn the market.  To nurture it.  To learn the system.  To learn how to do it.  To figure it out.

Entrepreneurship and chasing dreams is also often like the Chinese bamboo tree.  Nothing seems to be working.  Nothing on the surface seems to be growing.  But you must have faith.  Faith that consistent action towards your goals will lead to the eventual growth of your tree.

Remember that few people seem to appreciate the Chinese Bamboo Tree while it is in the ground laying the foundations.  Some people will come make fun of the farmer that puts so many years of work without much to show for it on the surface.  They will tell the farmer to pick another crop which shows the results much quicker.  But the trick is to be the farmer with faith.  Faith that your hard work and perseverance will  eventually pay off.  To ignore the voices of doubt that come when a few months or years into your farming you ask yourself “will it ever grow?”.  To keep going and know that putting in the work, will lead to the eventual growth of your tree.

To be a successful Chinese Bamboo Tree farmer you need patience, consistent action and faith that your tree will eventually blossom too.

In life, we often only notice the 6 weeks of growth of other people’s trees, but we often don’t truly appreciate the 5 years of watering and fertilization farmers have done on the road to success.

If your tree hasn’t blossomed yet, have faith, patience and keep going with consistent action until it does.

P.s. This post inspired by Les Brown