5 Nuggets for February.


1) “Someday is Today”
Stop procrastinating and creating excuses for why you can’t have what you want. Take control. Announce to yourself “someday is today” everyday,  to seize the day and eradicate an excuse mentality.           
2) “Have More Fear if Regret Than Failure”
Remind yourself that the feeling of regret is much more worse than trying something (even if it doesn’t work out) and living with no regrets.
3) “I Only Have Good Days”
Remember the only thing in the world we have control over is our perspective. You can choose to adapt a consistently positive perspective and find the good in everything.
4) “Opportunities Lie Within Every Obstacle”
It can be tough to dig deep and find the positive,  especially when confronted by challenges. But if you choose the positive,  you will find the opportunity and nuggets of wisdom in every obstacle that presents itself in your life.
5) “Live With Passion and Purpose”
Stop asking “what should I be doing” and start understanding “who you want to be” What do you want your legacy to be?  As you reflect, you will  begin to understand your purpose.