Sweet Grandma


There are heaps of lessons that i have learnt from my beloved grandma before she passed away.

Her presence commanded not only respect but defined the very nature of her personality which if summarized in three words would be; Amazing, Beautiful & Awesome!

The three lessons stated below don’t do her legacy justice but however they give us a glimpse of this extraordinary person who gave many hope, ambition and strength to live each day fully and aspire more just as she did.

1. She Always Gave Her Best.

My grandma grew up in untold hardship but despite this she was undaunted in her duties as a mother to many as well as the various roles she had to play in the community.

Even when she was weakened by sickness, you could hardly notice due to her determination and passion in accomplishing whatever she had set her mind to do.

However trivial or complex did’t matter, she would constantly give her 100%.

Simply put relenting was not in her vocabulary and because of the above she accomplished much as well as positively transforming many.

2. She Danced To The Rhythm of Life

Through her gracious dance, beautiful singing and warm embrace, you could easily feel at home around her. She was warm, welcoming and gave us all a sense of belonging – be if family or friends – we were all one.

She was the cornerstone of the family, the pillar that stood firm even in the midst of life’s numerous storms and held everything in it’s place. Being lighthearted she knew how to turn a dull situation into a lively situation that breeds love and joy.

Her endless bountiful love could be seen in all those who cherished her, for she went out of her way to nurture and spur her children to greater heights, unselfish in all her endeavors.

Looking back at how life has impacted me – I feel she made everyone count and to date that has been my mantra, that whatever and however – be sure to make it count!

It’s true what they say ‘ you may forget what a person may say or do but you never forget how they make you feel’

Grandma made everyone who came into contact with her feel peculiar/unique/special/one of a kind.

3. She Was Impeccable With Her Word

She was who she was, held in high esteem because she spoke with integrity.

She said only what she meant and consequently was bound by her words.

Grandma used her words wisely to pray over her beloved and bless us by speaking positive words into our lives and future that gave us a hope for a better tomorrow.

Her wonderful life was truly profound yet so simple.


Though you are gone – you live constantly in our hearts and minds.


love Jambu.