8 Qualities That Men Love in a Woman


Look, we won’t lie – looks always matter, but there’s a lot more to a woman that can drive a man crazy. Here’s a list of qualities that men say they find attractive in women:

1. Confidence: Men love being with a woman who is sure of herself. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who can stand up for herself, and who is comfortable with who she is rather than one that constantly seeks reassurance.

2. A Sense of Humor: While most women look for a guy who can make them laugh, its no different on the other side. A woman who’s funny, lighthearted, and doesn’t get upset when a man playfully teases her, is something every man hopes for.

3. Intelligence: Men do look past your beauty and looks. It is a huge turn-on for men when a woman is being opinionated, smart, and witty. Having a partner with whom they can have real conversations, rather than someone who thinks it’s cute to act like a bimbo is what most men look for.

4. Not Being Materialistic: Every woman wants a man who pampers her and makes her feel special, and men love doing it. But he’d rather be with a woman who doesn’t expect him to treat her like a diva all the time than one who wants him only for his paycheck or lavish gestures.

5. Playfulness: There’s nothing like a little bit of childish playfulness. Men find it really hot when a woman can switch from being mature to a not-so-uptight playful mood relatively easily.

6. Sensuality: This is another quality men absolutely love about women-the fact that they can look their absolute worst and still be sexy. Sensuality isn’t hard to pull off – it’s the air of sexy confidence that drives men crazy!

7. Independence: A woman who constantly clings on to a man like there’s no tomorrow is every man’s nightmare. But being with a women who’s driven and knows where she is headed, lets him have his own space when he needs it is a big turn-on for men.

8. Supportive: Knowing that his partner has his back is a big emotional boost for  a man. A little bit of encouragement and belief will make him want you for a long time to come.


I have been blessed to find that special ♡someone♡ and I wish the same for you♥


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