Jambu’s – Year Round Self Improvement Calendar

Day 1

Get Up an hour earlier and exercise

Day 2

Write down 5 things you are grateful for

Day 3

Take a successful businessperson to lunch

Day 4

Listen to a personal-development CD instead of the radio on your way to work

Day 5

Compliment five people today

Day 6

Direct-deposit a portion of your paycheck into savings every pay period

Day 7

Buy or download a book on a topic you typically wouldn’t read about

Day 8

Tell your kids you love them

Day 9

Tell your best friends that you love them

Day 10

Start a journal

Day 11

Dance to music-preferably with someone else

Day 12

Buy a bunch of flowers for your better half

Day 13

Read something inspirational

Day 14

Practice listening more and talking less

Day 15

Call someone you need to forgive, or be forgiven by, and settle accounts

Day 16

Sing your favorite song loudly in the shower or the car

Day 17

Make a to-do list tonight so you can start right away in the morning

Day 18

Offer to run errands or help an elderly person

Day 19

Go for half-hour walk or run

Day 20

Pay for coffee or a toll for the person behind you.

Day 21

Do that task your spouse has been asking you to do

Day 22

Focus on devoting the first 90 minutes of work to your highest priority tasks

Day 23

Eat healthy all day-no slipups

Day 24

Jot down five affirmations and schedule them into your smartphone as daily reminders.

Day 25

Make a good sized donation to your favorite charity

Day 26

Ask someone what he or she thinks about an important topic and listen

Day 27

Set a goal of making five people smile today

Day 28

Skip the TV news and save yourself 30 minutes of depressing topics

Day 29

Take 15 minutes to reflect on your life

Day 30

Write down the five best things that happened for you in the last week

Day 31

Visit the archives of www.jambujoseph.com

Have A Lovely, Blessed & Prosperous New Year!!