So i decided to buy a diary late last year in an attempt to *organize my 2013* so as not to be as errattic as *2012*

The news is that as of today i only managed to scribble one or two notes until the 25’th of Jan. For me that’s commendable because i have never gone past the first week, but then again that is easily the most pathetic attempt of keeping a diary log.

Fastforward to today, so much has changed, so many things have come to pass(the abundance of grey hair on my head notwithstanding) but i am gratefull for God Almighty for bringing me thus far. Just as it could have been better, it could have well been worse and thats why i decided not long ago to live in the *NOW* in true allegiance to my mantra of *make everyday count*

Feels good writting, just pouring my thoughts into paper and sharing with the world. Over time I have nurtured the bookworm aspect of me and ended up treasuring it to the point I feel empty if I don’t constantly feed my brain on something/anything. It’s a valuable trait that i wished i had adopted much earlier in life-as they say knowledge is the key to success.

It’s also funny how i have learnt so much about others and very little about myself. Only when i stand in the mirror and contrast the wealth of knowledge garnered overtime and it’s implications in my life do i get the wake up call that i need to change a couple of things in my life inorder to progress.

I have indeed come to a sort of crossroads, where i have to evaluate the pros&cons of my decisions and how they impact my future goals & plans. Yet again if I worry too much about either my past or future i will miss out on the present.

I like the *Nike* slogan ‘just do it’. Mostly because it’s sticky, encouraging & amazingly simple.

Trajectory is currently taking place and i might as well jump in the moving band wagon. I feel like buying a one way ticket to a remote location, somewhere unheard of and starting all over again.

But then again i was advised it’s not good to go with feelings without logic. My heart argues that i need change, my brain tells me life is short and full of risks, yet my gut answers me-all that matters is that you do what makes you happy.

And that my *Dears* is my hope  for you, that whatever you are doing it’s making you happy, that you are loving yourself because no one will love you more than you and last but not least that you are following your passion!!

Love always



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