The Background Scenery of Life


Dear readers,this is a guest post from a friend who i also consider my mentor. Mr. Amir Anzur who is also a Webpreneur, Learnaholic and teacher


Look around you.  Are you in a 5 star hotel?  Or the “ghetto” part of your town?  Are you driving inside a brand new Mercedes?  Or are you inside a beat-up old car?

Are you eating in a fancy restaurant with an expensive menu, big plates and small food?  Or are you eating at a cheap fast-food joint?  Are you on holiday in the Caribbean or are you spending time in your own neighborhood?

The world is your background scenery.  When you are eating it doesn’t really matter if you are in a fancy restaurant or a downbeat place – these are just the background scenery.  What matters is who you are with.

When you start your business, you city or office won’t matter.  You could have the best furniture or recycled old furniture.  What matters is who is sitting on the seats besides you.  Who you interact with rather than what is happening in the background.

Marketing has taught us that a Louis Vuitton handbag or a new car makes better background scenery than where you are currently in life.  That eating at a more expensive restaurant will make the food taste better than at a cheaper place.

Once you see through the clutter of marketing.  And begin to appreciate the world for what it is – background scenery.  You can start to appreciate what you have.  Marketers will try and convince you that you need to “pimp up your life”.  That you need a more expensive car, more expensive house, more expensive clothes and to stay in more expensive hotels.  But remember that this is all background to your scenery of life.

What makes a movie worth watching is not usually the background scenery.  It is the characters and the plot.

Do not focus too much on the background scenery, it is not what people watch a movie for.

Make the movie of your life worth watching.  Get better characters and create a better plot for the movie of your life.

by Amir Anzur





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