My Sunshine!

Endless love

Palpable and dumb like a globed fruit,
I mused over what could have made me mute,
Witty, lovely, warm and cute,
Attributes so sweet that can tame any brute.

What seemed like a casual call,
Was eminently the path to my fall,
Like a wounded warrior in the midst of the battle,
My heart was overwhelmed and my senses left to scuttle.

Independent, confident and unique,
She strides gracefully revealing her perfect physique,
Constantly asserting her ravishing beauty,
With a sight so touching in its majesty.

Lovely ambience, endless frills,
Deep connection, story thrills,
Enticed taste bud, sumptuous meal,
Drenching appetite with great zeal.

As the evening elapsed and morning drew nigh,
Time came to say bye but all I could do is sigh,
With a hug that said I don’t want to let go,
Came a feeling deep down that it was meant to be so.

This feeling is such that I can no way repay,
May God reward thee manifold I pray,
Because if ever two were meant to be one, then surely we,
And if ever woman made me feel so special, then thee.

Happy Valentines.

A poem by joseph jambu.