My friends you are like Angels.

My friends you are like Angels. I can count on you to be there, To give support through all my Joys and also through my despair. Every time I turn on my computer You are the Angels who are waiting, No matter how far the distance, to tell me “Hello” and to wish me a “Happy Day.” I can’t wait each day to tell you All about life’s good events that Have been happening to me because, I know you will be happy for me. You are the Angels who are so Near in spirit as your heart hold my Hand in your loving thoughts, To help get me through my bad days. You seem to know when something May be going wrong in my life because, I will find something in my email That tells me just how much you care. I thank God everyday for my Angels And I’ll ask Him to let me know Just when you need someone to send You a word of encouragement too. God bless each one of you loving souls, “My Dear Internet Friends,” Because you are one of those Angels Whose friendship I will forever treasure.