One thought on “Back in the days:-)”

  1. Tomorrow will be better than today!

    its midnight andtomorrow is a better day than today
    my eyes just staring at the wall opposite
    no sleep, no dreams,
    i sit and watch the drama
    unfolding before me;

    like an empty canvas
    waiting for an artist
    i wait in anticipation
    wondering when and wondering why;

    i did all i could,
    so i believe so,
    what is happening is beyond my grasp
    and i can only watch as a mere spectator;

    a mere spectator in my own life
    one moment its all the way up,
    the next its hanging in balance,
    the tension is nerve wracking;

    patience is all i have
    and patience is all that i need
    as i watch the things unfold
    and let things take shape at its own pace;

    i waited a long time for this,
    so what difference it is going to make
    to wait a little bit more
    but for how long should i be the villian in my own life;

    i wish i could answer all the questions running in my mind,
    i wish i could end all the battles being fought inside,
    i wish i do not have to wait for long
    i wish, i hope and i believe
    tomorrow will be better than today:-)

    Written by Praveen.

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