One thought on “Do you remember:-)”

  1. Incomplete:-)

    the grey sky looming above,
    rain drops still dripping down
    from the pregnant clouds above,
    we set out on our journey once again;

    around and around we go
    in slow circles, moving
    to the beat of the thunder
    and rain that surrounds us;

    as the droplets hit the ground,
    shattered realizations lay scattered
    reminding me nothing is same
    as it seems to be;

    as another memory turns to dust
    i cut the lifeline that attaches me to the past
    and i shove it back into the depths
    where nothing will ever bring it back alive;

    the rain does nothing to stop our journey,
    never forgetting, who we are
    we walk these streets of madness,
    knowing that,without each-other…..
    we are simply incomplete.

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