One thought on “Sunshine:-))))))))”

  1. Something Wonderful!!

    all these thoughts of
    what’s going to happen to me
    swirl around unabated;

    fuelled by the dreams of yesterday
    with an aim to stand tall against all odds
    i nurtured this desire for a long time;

    falling at every other step,
    i picked up the pieces and moved on
    hoping to succeed where others have given up;

    in the middle of the night
    as the thoughts of the past
    tried to play havoc with my life
    a gentle breeze from the open window
    drifted in, giving a breath of inspiration
    and igniting this hardened soul;

    as the world slowly started coming alive,
    the morning light filtered in
    signalling the end of the darkness
    and the beginning of something wonderful:-)

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